1988 Mako 220 WAC

This 1988 Mako 22, better known to 411Marine as Betty Lou. Was the pride and joy of an elderly man residing in Savannah, GA before he passed away. After losing the love, energy and lively-hood of her previous owner, Betty Lou sat on a piece of property lonely and broken-hearted for some time. Eventually the backbone of Betty gave in, putting her in non-usable condition. This placed her in our hands. We are glad to deconstruct her hidden beauty to recognize the value and life yet to be within the parts she held onto through her saddened time. Doing this, we are keeping Betty Lou out of the land fills and bringing her valuable remains to you, our loyal customers, at satisfying costs.



Parts available. Hatches, Windshield, Bow Pulpit, Cuddy windows, Fiberglass Floor Panels

Please contact 411Marine

843-784-5797 or parts@411marine.com



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